About me

Amara Gabriëla (Amara van der Elst)
Allround artist, Founder, Politician (BIJ1 Rotterdam)

At a young age, Amara van der Elst learned to hold herself down. On stage, she rises above herself. Spoken word helped Amara to discover and feel emotions, which allowed her to engage with them more deeply. She learned to be vulnerable on stage, to share this with others, and to gain strength and energy from it. It is the place where her words find rhythm.

In 2021, Amara impressed the whole of the Netherlands with her performance during the National Remembrance Day on May 4. In 2022 she won the title ‘Talent of the year’ from the Education Innovation Fund NL, founded the spoken word writers camp ‘Rhyme & Reason’ and shined on the spoken word music album ‘Binnenste Buiten’ by Spraakuhloos.

Amara writes and speaks to pass on the lessons she learns throughout life. For her, it is a moment of sharing, opening up to the people who listen, giving vulnerability, and being open to reciprocity. Amara was too big to hold down. She takes up spaces in a way that feels special. She connects unexpected energies and sees similarities rather than differences. With her unmatched passion for telling personal stories, her fiery force that breaks social taboos, and her disarming vulnerability, Amara is inescapable in all her being.